Expert Witness Service

Tim Pursey provides expert witness testimony on various aspects of arboriculture. He is involved in all aspects of arboricultural consulting including written and oral evidence before both the Civil and Criminal Courts, The Planning Inspectorate etc.

His fields of expertise include numerous aspects of planning (applications, enforcement, appeals, Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas), tree-related subsidence (investigation, assessment, mitigation), tree failure, failure of planting schemes and boundary disputes.

Arboriculture is an unusual mix of the practical and the academic, where hands-on experience can make all the difference to the calibre of advice that a consultant can offer. What makes Tim Pursey a redoubtable tree expert is the combination of his practical background of pruning and managing trees informed by an array of professional qualifications.

The impact of the Civil Procedure Rules has, in our opinion, greatly improved the framework in which the solicitor and his expert operate. The overriding duty to the court and the duty to properly advise and assist the client solicitor are in our opinion interwoven as part of the service we offer.

For us, balancing the duties to the court and the instructing solicitor requires an expert capable of assessing any particular claim, the likely merits and weaknesses of a claimantís case and the defendantís case. In essence, the instructing solicitor wants an expert with the credentials and confidence to challenge the basis of the case. Tim Pursey fully understands the nature of the Civil Procedure Rules and the various professional, ethical and procedural duties this places on an expert.

Great importance is placed on continuing professional development, continued training and keeping up to date with courtsí published decisions where they have a bearing on the behaviour of experts in the civil courts.

Tim Pursey has been awarded the Expert Witness Certificate by Cardiff University Law School following requisite training from Bond Solon Training Ltd ( He is registered as an expert with
X-Pro Witness Services ( and with (