Tree Surveys for Development Sites

Where trees currently exist on a site which is due to be redeveloped, some trees will be removed to facilitate the development and some trees will be retained. A tree survey carried out in accordance with British Site plan generated using AutoCADStandard Document BS5837: 2005 Trees in Relation to Construction - Recommendations will assess things like species, size, quality etc. of the trees on site and identify those which are suitable for retention and those which are not. A tree constraints plan will accompany the survey results to indicate any constraints on any development as a result of the trees. These constraints include things like rooting areas, future crown size and issues of shade.
In addition to the survey and constraints plan, many Local Authorities are now requesting that an arboricultural impact assessment forms part of any application for planning permission. A method statement and tree protection plan follows this assessment providing a procedure to protect retained trees during the construction process.
I undertake these surveys over a wide area and have dealt with planning departments from numerous local authorities, each with varying requirements. Various formats can be utilised when working with site plans, depending on the client's requirements. These include .pdf files, .dwg (AutoCAD) and scanned .jpg images. If you have any queries regarding a development site survey then please feel free to contact me.